The Empowerment Campaign : “Go ahead and try and label me.” #NotALabel CONCEPT: Gender Equality will never be able to exist when women tear one another down. By allowing our fellow women to tear ourselves down, we allow other people to do the same. We allow our judgment to get the better of us and we begin to critique or judge people rather than accept them all as human beings. EXECUTION: Show a variety of perspectives of women and what they do or stand for that is often critiqued by other women. At the bottom of the posters there are stickers showing the labels of words we use to judge each other, However, when the sticker is torn off it is not allowed to stick to the poster. The back part of the sticker also reveals the word “Human” to remind us that people are more than the words we associate with their beliefs or their decisions.

Graphex 47 - Art Directors Club of Tulsa - Graphex Winner - Category Advertising
2017 - Local Silver ADDY Winner

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